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3 Strategies for Building Buzz Ahead of a Trade Show

Trade shows and conferences are fantastic opportunities to spread awareness about your brand and network with like-minded people, but it’s difficult for any one vendor to stand out amidst the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other companies. Short of spending thousands of dollars on a premium sponsorship or an exhibitor booth, you’ll have to rely on on-the-ground hustle and the strength of your existing network in order to make a meaningful impact at a large event.

Thankfully, creating event-specific targeted advertisements has never been easier. By leveraging tactics from search engine marketing, social media advertising and retargeting, you can build substantial buzz around your brand ahead of an event and increase your mindshare within your industry sector, all on a reasonable budget.

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  • While initial ad campaigns and increasing brand awareness for company recognition is significant, we must never underestimate the importance of the trade-show booth staff. Companies must exhibit value in engaging real people about real products/services in real time. So what is the sole purpose of a trade-show? Is it the marketing objectives of building brand awareness, new product/service promotions, or introductions to new business sectors? Is it the sales objectives of building or maintaining existing customer relationships and generating sales orders or leads? I think a typical answer would be “ALL OF THE ABOVE”. So how can you make sure that you are ahead of your competition and you aren’t dissolved into the rest of the 100’s of trade-show booths? As mentioned earlier, I believe that having a strong customer facing team is crucial. The opportunity of a trade show can optimize a sale that would typically take a day and minimize it into a basic conversation.

    It is also important in organizing creative ways to attract your customer base within the trade-show. Some methods I have been a victim to are:

    – Social media follow up (via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Linked, etc)
    – Free trial offerings or various giveaways
    – Having an aesthetically pleasing booth or an interactive video to initiate interest.
    – Raffle of a free product offering to spark initial customer attraction.

    Yet, if we look at all of these, the most important part is having a strong sales team to maintain the customer’s attention in your specific product/service. Without the ability to strongly speak to your product and maintain customer interest, you will just be another “small fish in a large sea”.