Getting Started With ReTargeter

Please read the following instructions thoroughly as they will cover:

·Rules for Creating Ads

·Sending Us Your Ads

·Setting Up Your Reporting

·Best Practices for Ads

·Some Great Example Ads

For information regarding the segment, burn, and conversion tracking code, go here.

Please note: not following the ad specification rules will leads to delays and reduced coverage across our network. Remember: please have a border, no animation longer than 15 seconds and be honest with your ads. J

Advertising Specifications General Advertising Content Standards

·Ads must have a distinct border to clearly identify where the page ends, and advertisement begins.

·Animation cannot exceed 15 seconds. Animation can begin upon load and then must stop after no longer than 15 seconds.

·The advertiser’s landing page must match the offer being made in the advertisement.

·If Ad has “FREE” mentioned, there must be a disclaimer in the ad (for example “*conditions apply”)

Note: ReTargeter reserves the right to request additional changes to submitted ads, or to reject any ad unit in its sole discretion.

Accepted Advertising Sizes:

·300×250: 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall

·120×600: 120 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall

·160×600: 160 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall

·728×90: 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall

·468×60: 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall

Note: We recommend that you provide ads for all five accepted ad sizes and also up to three (3) different ads per size. Please see below for some great examples.

Creative Specifications

·Image Formats: GIF / JPG (40k file size max) or FLASH (40k file size max) – If using FLASH please use the clickTag variable. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

· No animations longer than 15 second

· No looping animations

·Audio: On User Click

·We allow Third Party Ad Serving on a very limited basis Please reach out to us to discuss.

·No Rich Media

Just in case!: does not accept retargeting ads for the following products: Adult products (films, magazines, websites, toys, etc.), drugs/drug paraphernalia, lotteries (other than official state lotteries sponsored by a U.S. state, e.g. Illinois State Lottery), online casinos, gambling portals, gambling educational sites, degrees for sale or offered by non accredited universities or programs, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, loan products which require upfront fees, products/services that claim to repair bad credit, securities (stocks, bonds, notes, warrants, options, etc), insider tips on a particular stock or commodity products containing ephedra, ma huang, chitosan or human growth hormones, comfrey, or pyruvate; or other products/elements/ingredients as may be designated by ReTargeter at any time in its sole discretion.


Please send your final advertising creative files to Also see note on reporting below before sending ads.


If you would like to receive email reporting; please place the request in your email to Also please specify how often you would like reporting via email (from once a day to once a month).

Best Practices For Creating Banner Ads That Your Customers Will Click On!

#1: Keep It Simple! – Have one simple message and a clear and powerful image

#2: Buttons Increase CTR – A succinct call to action within a button is ideal

#3: Honesty Is The Best Policy – Make your offer and/or value proposition clear and honest

#4: Give It Away – Hold a promotion or have a contest, give away free products

#5: Beauty Sells – Shameless but true, a picture of an attractive person increases CTR

#6: Be BOLD – Use a powerful headline: get people to think / react & then click

#7: No White Backgrounds – They blend in with the page & don’t allow your ad to pop

#8: Stay Relevant! – Have ads that are relevant to current events or important new trends

#9: Iterate! – Keep trying new ideas & ads until you find one that works for your users

Need help with your banner design? – Check out the ReTargeter ADstudio: