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3 Deep Thoughts for Retargeting Wizards

Retargeting is chess, not checkers.

So now that you’re one level of sophistication beyond your already wicked-smart display ad campaigns, here are a few things to think about.

  1. Try dedicated creative for retargetingYou’re talking to an audience who winked at you but didn’t stay for dinner. If your aim is branding, it may be just fine to show them the same ol’ song and dance — but if you’re looking to lure them back, try something new.


    There’s a reason your visitor bounced in the first place, so offer them something fresh. Take this example from a well-known email marketing technology provider.

    It doesn’t have to be a massive incentive, but hook them with a little sugar. Test out a 10% coupon code against free shipping. Or don’t offer a financial reason to return at all — just tout your site’s quality and the awesome reputable publications you’ve been in. The rub is: try a new message.

  2. Test retargeting during a high traffic periodTo get a nice pool of potential second-time visitors, you need to have plenty of first-time visitors. Don’t launch your first retargeting campaign during a low-traffic month.
    If you’re running a social media contest, or you’re a retailer expecting a traffic spike during the holiday season, for example — these are good times to get the retargeting juice flowing.
    Don’t forget to give your pilot campaign time to build up some data and learn where your placements might perform best. Impatience is not virtue when it comes to display advertising.
  3. Get SpecificNobody likes a generalist.

    You know what part of your website the visitor touched or which product they checked out. So make sure your message is relevant and point your ad to the right place, just as you would serve up tailored creative for a Google search. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but you’ll be rewarded with a far better conversion rate.

Igor Belogolovsky co-founded Clever Zebo to help interesting businesses get more customers online.

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  • In the ever-changing world of online commerce, it’s important to change things now and again to maintain visibility and draw in new business. Thanks for showing us a way to do that!

    Josh Loomis, Developer

    • Thanks Josh. We’ve definitely found our technology effective because it only keeps your ads in front of your potential customers — which in turn keeps your ad spend lower by focusing only on the right people. Feel free to shoot us an email – – with any more questions that you may have. Thanks again!

  • What is their decision making process?.Are you where your customers are?In order to be considered brands need to be seen. With almost 100 percent broadband penetration in Singapore and the number of Chinese internet users increasing by 800 000 a week your users are clearly online.

    • Exactly – we keep your ads in front of all of your potential customers, ensuring that your brand gets seen.