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4 Ways To Re-Engage With Your Audience [video]

The ReTargeter team is committed to helping you re-engage with the audience that you’re bringing to your website. With that said, there are numerous tactics that a company can take to help make their re-engagement strategy more effective. Here are four quick tips from ReTargeter’s CEO, Arjun Dev Arora, to help you re-engage with your audience.

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  • Really enjoyed and learned a lot from the video.

    I see RTMail as great way to compound the first tip from the video. If a user is to visit a site, give their email to that site and then open that email, they are clearly very interested in the products offered and just about ready to convert. A few banner ads served to this class of highly engaged users directing them right to the products and I’d hypothesize these ads could see the highest click-through conversion rate yet.