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Buy Domains, Redirect, and Drop Code Like it’s Hot

Thinking of a clever way to generate traffic and stay in front of your users? ReTargeter’s got you covered! Purchasing industry-related website domains and setting up a permanent redirect to your domain can help you gain authority and link equity. Try the following simple steps below to redirect customers back to your site, ReTargeter-style.

    1. Buy several domains that already exist and are related to your product or serviceFor search engine ranking purposes and building links, this strategy can be helpful when the sites:
      • Are relevant to your niche
      • Have content and backlinks coming into them from external websites
      • Are already established and have been online for awhile
      • Have authority news sites linking to the domain


  1. Redirect your customer back to your siteIf the site you bought has hundreds of links coming into it, by having it 301 redirect to the home page of your website, you could pass through the hundreds of backlinks to your website. This can help build your website’s overall reputation.
  2. After you redirect them, have the ReTargeter code on your pagesThis is where the old trick of redirecting gets a new twist. By dropping the ReTargeter code on your site, you will be able to stay in front of each user after they have been redirected to your pages.

Following these steps not only allows you to build SEO value and achieve new, inbound traffic, but it also tags those users with ReTargeting code, so that you can stay in front of them with your message. Before you know it, you’ll drop code like it’s hot (without the solo rump-shaking dance)!

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  • Really interesting idea. It happens very often that I get redirected to a different site though still in the same industry. In these circumstances I usually click off the page in frustration. That said, I feel step three of your plan holds the true value. Getting a browser to accidentally land on your site once would have a low chance of creating a conversion, however retargeting them again and again would build brand awareness, familiarity and ultimately comfort with a consumer who’s already shown interest in similar products. Brilliant!

    Great title too.