Technical Specifications

So how does this all work?  Simple.  You send us your banner ads, and we’ll send you a few codes.

The segment code should be placed on your site (usually in the footer or header).   This allows users to be pixeled, retargeted, and brought back to your site.  The best place to put this code is on your homepage, your landing pages, and any additional entry points to your site.

The burn code* is a code that can be used to “un-pixel” a user after they’ve completed your defined action, and can be placed on the post-transaction (“Thank You”) page.  For example, if you’re advertising a certain pair of tennis shoes, and one of your pixeled users buys a pair, a burn code placed at the bottom of your “Thanks for Shopping With Us” page will ensure that the user stops seeing your ads for those shoes.

The conversion tracking code* should be placed on the post-transaction (“Thank You”) page, or right under your burn code.  This code provides insight into click-through, as well as view-through conversions (people who complete your action after seeing an ad).  The conversion tracking code gets sent to you after we have the ads.

*if applicable

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