ReTargeter Anti-Malvertising Policy

ReTargeter is committed to maintaining a safe platform for our customers, for publishers, and most importantly, for consumers. This policy is part of ReTargeter’s proactive efforts to prevent malware from being served in the ReTargeter ecosystem. ReTargeter retains discretion to take any reasonable action to address malware issues on our platform. However, in general the following policy will apply.

Policies And Procedures Required

Customers of ReTargeter must make every reasonable effort to prevent malvertising. ReTargeter has no tolerance for lax policies and procedures for preventing malvertising. ReTargeter recognizes that policies and procedures might be tailored to individual circumstances.

When Malvertising Is Detected

ReTargeter customers will face a $2,500,000 fine for each creative, landing page, domain, or other resource we identify as a malware threat or a source of malware. Additionally, any ReTargeter customers who violate this policy will be deactivated immediately and investigated jointly with the customer.

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