ReTargeter has been very happy to deliver value to thousands of customers. While our products focus on delivering simple, effective, and innovative advertising solutions to companies of all sizes, our company focuses on bringing pleasant customer experiences to every single customer, no matter the size.

Here are some of the kind words our customers have said about us:

“ReTargeter helped Gist’s overall marketing strategy by keeping our brand in front of the right people and driving down our cost of customer acquisition. Their service is smart, simple, and should be used by every startup.
– Robert Pease | VP of Marketing at Gist

“As a business that can have a multi-day buying cycle, ReTargeter allows us to keep our help desk software in the minds of our potential customers. ReTargeter has been a great addition to our marketing mix.”
– Jacob Meltzer | Online Marketing Manager at Zendesk

“The entire ReTargeter team has treated me as a valued customer since day one. They proactively and consistently reach out to check on our status and provide performance reports. And when I need data on demand and in a pinch, I have a report in my inbox as soon as they receive the request. Great service goes a long way, in my book!”
– Tim Falls | Community Development at SendGrid

“I can’t think of an effective display strategy that doesn’t include ReTargeter.”
– Hiten Shah | CEO of KISSMetrics

“ReTargeter has the best customer service of any company I have ever worked with. On top of being the best performing advertising medium for my clients, they are always there with a quick response to answer questions. The world would be a better place if run by ‘Team Retargeter’”
– Alexis Levine | President at Savvy Media

“ReTargeter has been an awesome addition to our marketing mix. For a product like ours, retargeting has proven to be instrumental in following up with our customers and generating additional sales.”
– Adam Golomb | Director of E-Commerce at Smiley Cookie

“ReTargeter is a perfect complement to our sales/marketing programs. Both simple and effective – I recommend it highly.”
– Tyler Willis | Head of Brand Strategy at Involver

“I like using ReTargeter because they have made it simple and cost effective. Not only does retargeting work but I can measure the ROI in any given month as a function of how many conversions we generate.”
– Jeff Nolan | VP Product Marketing at Get Satisfaction

“We have a niche audience for our products, so it makes sense to only target the people visiting our site because they’ve already shown they’re interested in us. ReTargeter is amazing at bringing back bounced traffic and adding additional sales.”
– Ben Tseitlin | The Clean Program

“We saw many conversions on our end with the revenue associating to this campaign. It’s one of the most successful campaigns for us this year.”
– Sejal Badani | Marketing Manager at ad:tech

“Working with ReTargeter has helped us embark successfully into the profitable world of retargeting. Their management team has done an excellent job of making sure our budget has returned month after month
– Joanna Lord | Director of Customer Acquisition & Engagement at SEOmoz

“ReTargeting makes us look bigger, it makes us look like we spend more money than we actually are. The people that we care about thought we were huge, and as a startup, that really helps.”
– Mat Fogarty | CEO of Crowdcast


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