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Is Your Marketing Funnel Optimized?

At ReTargeter we work with a clear understanding of our clients marketing funnels so that we can increase traffic, brand awareness and sales. Included below is one basic approach to the internet marketing funnel that has proven effective for many companies. We would love to hear your thoughts and best practices in the comments section.

Top of the Funnel – Driving Traffic
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Great site for insights into SEO basics and new trends –

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) &

Links to your site
Get as many companies / people as possible to link to your site (with relevant keywords)

Update a blog regularly with relevant and interesting content for your audience

Build a fan page and post regular updates; give some personality to your business

Post updates that are relevant for your industry – avoid posting too often or posting blatant sales messages
Reach out to people via twitter by using the @ function or by adding them. Engage in conversation!
Use hashtags (example: #topic) that are relevant to your tweets so searchers will find your feed

PR / Direct Sales / Email Marketing
More “traditional” methodologies to drive traffic and interest to your site

Middle of the Funnel – Closing Sales
ReTargeter – make sure your visitors never forget your brand ?

Email Marketing
Send monthly / weekly / quarterly updates with valuable content to your list of contacts
Also use auto-responders for people who are interested and submit an email

Post Sale – Creating trust and word of mouth
Facebook & Twitter & LinkedIn
Connect with your clients on various social media platforms to stay connected

Get testimonials for the site, twitter, facebook and/or the blog

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  • Good set of links. When working with small businesses, I find that driving traffic is often overlooked in initial planning. With this set of resources it will be easy to convey the importance of, as well as implement, SEO and other website traffic enhancers.