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Online Advertising and How People Feel About It

Display advertising is the biggest source of monetization for many publisher websites.  In an article written by’s Brett Pulley, “Revenue at Times Co.’s websites, including, and, increased 20.5 percent to $94.3 million. Online advertising revenue at the websites increased 19.8 percent to $50.4 million, mainly due to growth in national display advertising, the company said.”

With such a huge impact on the revenue of a news giant like NYTimes, it’d be interesting to see see exactly how people really feel about online advertising.  Check out our infographic below for a visual guide on some of the latest data in the online advertising industry:

Online Advertising and How People Feel About It

Online Advertising and How People Feel About It

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  • Can’t help but recall the (very recent) times when people wondered why Facebook isn’t monetizing as aggressively as they could. Now that they’re beating everyone else in the total share of display ads, everyone knows they were just waiting for the best time, partnerships, etc… There’s still a lot for them to improve (issues related to security, privacy, etc), and I hope they will. If they do, they (and their revenues) will grow substantially more.

  • Wow, those click rates for news users are a lot higher than I would have expected.

    On a side note, a very nicely designed infographic, thanks for sharing this.

  • This is a terrific info graphic, thank you for presenting his data. With 80% of the news users not minding the display ads, its hard to imagine that the NYTimes ad-free premium subscription model will be very popular.

  • Incredible! It is amazing how many small to medium sized businesses are either unaware or reckless to understand online advertising and how much potential it can bring their company. I have heard small business owners snub at the idea of spending money in online advertising, not understanding the concept, finding it unnecessary for their industry, therefore feeling it would not benefit their company and its profitability.

    This would be a great info graphic to show them!