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Getting Satisfied With Retargeting

Retargeting is the kind of tried and true behavioral targeting tool that is associated most with consumer retailers as they try to recapture some of the customers their SEO/SEM and banner programs first attracted to their site. B2B service companies may not seem like a natural fit for the method.

When customer community and support provider Get Satisfaction first looked at the model, it was admittedly skeptical. The company doesn’t do SEM or large banner campaigns to find customers, and it tends to focus on small to medium businesses. “Our primary online customer acquisition strategy relies on a content-driven approach,” says Jeff Nolan, vice president of product marketing. The company is looking mainly for companies that are providing Web-based apps with a platform for getting feedback from users and get idea submissions.

Learn more about how ReTargeter benefits B2B services on Mediapost.

“What retargeting has revealed is that it can be a very cost effective way of acquiring customers if you have your other online marketing efforts operating with a baseline level of efficiency.” – Jeff Nolan, VP of Product Marketing at Get Satisfaction

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  • Exciting stuff!

    I read somewhere that B2B retargeting on average receives lower CTRs than B2C, however averages much higher conversion rates, therefore in the end the ROI is still VERY satisfying. Slightly contradicting that, in your article a couple months back comparing B2C vs. B2B retargeting you said ReTargeter’s B2B clients have received even better results on average than B2C clients in not only conversion rates but also CTR.

    It’s great to hear Getting Satisfied has already experienced such a high ROI after just 3 months, I’m excited to see how high their return gets in the coming months.