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It can be said that one of the most meaningful (business) relationships is one in which public-interest and corporate decision-making marry. It involves taking a vow to aid an organization’s mission and acting as a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its consumers — for richer or for poorer. It includes remaining faithful to the three pillars: people, planet, profit. Can you make the commitment? I now pronounce you… an ethical business. Now let’s make socially responsible corporate babies!

It’s a relationship worth having and ReTargeter is fully engaged. Tyson Foods has their hunger relief initiative and Haagen Dazs is passionate about honey bee preservation. ReTargeter is doing its fair share as a small business to show they care as well. Every quarter, ReTargeter offers a large ad campaign to a non-profit organization, free of charge. Additionally, other non-profit clients have received discounts on services.


Such clients include:

  • I Move You
  • Invisible Children
  • Kenya Red Cross
  • Kiva
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure

ReTargeter acknowledges the work that these organizations provide to the public and are taking an active stance to ensure their messages are getting shared.
If you’re a non-profit interested in hooking up with ReTargeter, don’t be shy – shoot us a message or give us a call! We’d love to hear from you 😉

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  • I am a strong believer in the model around mixing business and philanthropy to better serve communities in which they operate. While I have noticed efforts by large corporations, such as, Levi’s, Wells Fargo, and NIKE, in giving back to non-profits and their communities, I think it is great that Retargeter is taking this initiative as well! It frustrates me when I hear statements accusing corporations of selfishness in their philanthropy efforts and how they are only in it for tax benefits and to improve their image to the public. The key is to recognize the combination between interests of business and interests of society. Yes of course, there is an interest to feel as an ethical business in giving back and being a part of a greater cause, but let’s not forget that society is improving as a result of it to make the world a better place. I am a strong believer in helping others around me, not for any selfish reasons, but to know that I am doing my part in making a difference.

    This is great Retargeter, keep up the good work!